About Us

iStock_000018358496Large-1(1)ABOUT AMIZÉ

Amizé Natural Skincare is a luxurious range of handmade products which offers therapeutic benefits. We are passionate about nature and believe that beauty products should contain natural ingredients. Our ingredients are sourced from ethical suppliers who do not test any products on animals.

All of our products are packed with nourishing ingredients with the use of essential oils and aromatic plant extract. Our aromatherapy products will stimulate the senses and allow you to experience a spa treatment at home.

More people today realise the benefits of using essential oils, cold pressed oils and natural herbs. We know how important it is to look after ourselves and more importantly, we should all know what we are putting into our bodies and on our skin.


I can remember as a young child my mother using herbs to create her own natural remedies in order to cure illnesses within the family. My mother would use these natural remedies for hair and body care. So from an early age we had a holistic approach to health and beauty. We were also introduced to organic foods grown on our allotment. On our allotment we grow herbs and plants such as thyme, rosemary, mint, lavender, nettle and a lot more. We are passionate about the environment and are always looking at ways where we can improve our products.

Amizé Natural Skincare was created after numerous visits to Doctors, Dermatologists, and Specialists trying to cure my skin complaint and allergies. I was prescribed medicines which contained steroids and other nasty chemicals which did not work for me. I decided to take care of my own health and well-being and began making my own natural concoctions in the kitchen without using any chemicals, preservatives or additives. I became obsessed with natural products and alternative therapy and decided to study holistic medicine in order to gain a better understanding of how the body reacts to certain herbs and essential oils.


The name AMIZÉ is an anagram of our family name MAIZE.


We believe that the packaging also plays an important part for the environment, therefore we have source the finest quality in our range of bottles, jars and closures. All of our bottles and jars are of a high quality which can be recycled.


Amizé Natural Skincare only supplies the finest quality of aromatherapy and herbal products. We believe in using fair-trade ingredients to support the farmers in poorer countries. We endeavour to provide our customers with clear labelling on all of our products to comply with the industry standards.

Our products are 100% natural with NO artificial ingredients, parabens or toxic chemicals. We use no colouring in any of our products, the colorant derives from using natural macerated oils such as carrot oil/ carrot tissue oil and plant extracts. Our fragrance derives from the natural scent from our essential oils.


Amizé Natural Skincare does not engage in or endorse any form of animal testing. All of our products are tested on human volunteers to ensure their safety.


We aim to meet the needs of our customers and to maintain our high standards. We hope to encourage people to use natural ingredients within their products which will enable them to live a better life. It is important for us to use the highest quality of ingredients to ensure that our customers receive the pure and natural goodness in all of our products.