Glossary of Herbs

This is a quick reference to understanding the nature of herbs and will help when selecting your products.

Alfalfa An extremely nutritious natural herb, high in vitamins A,D,E,K.
Basil An annual herb with a powerful aromatic scent.
Calendula Also known as Marigold is valuable for treating various skin disorders.
Chamomile A small perennial herb which helps to calm the nervous system and induces sleep.
Coltsfoot Helps with respiratory problems and irritating coughs.
Comfrey Excellent in creams and lotions to assist with treating skin problems.
Coriander An annual herb which helps to strengthen the immune system.
Dandelion A diuretic which helps to eliminate toxins from the body and to purify the skin.
Echinacea A popular herb used to help strengthen the immune system.
Fennel A natural diuretic to help eliminate toxic waste from the body.
Ginger A perennial herb used both in food and in medicine. Helps to strengthen weak digestions.
Hemp A highly nutritious herb with a wide range of nutritional benefits.
Hibiscus A refreshing herb red in colour with a strong fruity aroma.
Horsetail An excellent tonic for the hair and scalp helps to strengthen weak and damaged hair.
Lavender A powerful herb valuable in treating cuts, allergies, bruises and many more.
Lemon Balm A refreshing herb which helps to relieve anxiety and calms the nervous system.
Lemon Verbena Similar to Lemon Balm can be used to make a refreshing drink before bedtime.
Moringa A highly nutritious herb which is used to treat a wide range of ailments.
Neem An excellent herb which helps to remove toxins from the body.
Nettle Particularly good as a hair tonic, helps to combat dandruff and add shine to hair.
Parsley High in vitamins A , C, Calcium and Iron.
Peppermint An excellent herb which is particularly good for digestive problems.
Rosemary An aromatic herb with a distinctive aroma.
Rosehip A refreshing herb with a pleasant sweet aroma, a gentle detoxifier.
Sage An aromatic plant which promotes tranquillity and helps to relieve headaches.
Thyme A useful medicinal herb used for its healing properties.
Verbena An excellent herb with a lemony aroma, especially good for combating depression.

If you have any medical condition, allergies or any health concerns that might impact the safe use of our natural ingredients, please consult your physician before purchasing any of our products.