Glossary of Ingredients

Please use this information as a guide to the natural ingredients used in our skincare range. This is a quick reference to understanding the nature of the oils and herbs and will help when selecting your products.

Almond Oil Excellent for dry, sensitive, dehydrated, inflamed and irritated skin.
Aloe Vera A natural moisturiser and cooling agent to help beautify the skin.
Apricot Oil light massage oil easily absorbed by the skin. Good for dry and mature skin.
Argan Oil A traditional oil rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and Vitamin E.
Avocado Oil Highly nutritious, recommended for dry, dull hair and skin. Contains vitamin E.
Beeswax A natural wax produced by the female honeybees.
Bergamot A light oil that helps to ease anxiety and helps to combat stress related disorders.
Black Pepper A warming oil that helps relieves muscular aches and pains.
Borage oil A soothing and nourishing oil to help rejuvenate skin tissue.
Calendula Excellent for inflamed and itchy skin. Helps to heal and treat skin conditions.
Carrot Oil Rich in beta-carotene, extremely nourishing to hair and skin. Vitamins A,C,D,E,K.
Castor Oil A thick oil mainly used in hair care products. Excellent for rehydrating and thickening.
Cedarwood An anti-inflammatory oil that helps with dandruff and skin eruptions.
Chamomile Helps with digestive problems. Also helps to calm and soothes skin conditions.
Cocoa Butter A rich emollient nourishing to the skin. Particularly good for dry, dehydrated skin.
Coconut (Fractionated) An Excellent nourishing and moisturising properties. Helps to conditions the hair.
Cucumber Refreshes the skin and helps to reduce puffiness around the eyes.
Cypress An excellent detoxifier and a natural diuretic. Also aids blood and lymphatic flow.
Eucalyptus An excellent oil to ease congestion, colds, coughs and respiratory infections.
Epsom salts Excellent for eliminating toxins from the body, also known to ease pain.
Evening Primrose Rich in vitamins, minerals and high in GLA. Good for PMS and menopausal problems.
Eyebright Excellent for eye disorders
Frankincense Rejuvenating oil especially good for ageing skin, wrinkles and matured skin.
Geranium Balancing and harmonising, helps to dispel stress, tension and mood swings.
Grapefruit An uplifting oil that helps to clear the mind. Relieves nervous tension.
Grapeseed A fine texture oil good for all skin types, especially oily skins.
Honey Revitalise and softens the skin. Used in beauty treatments to repair the skin.
Jasmine A sensual oil with a sweet aromatic aroma. Suitable for all skin types.
Jojoba Oil A liquid wax with excellent emulsifying and moisturising properties. Good for the hair.
Juniper Berry An excellent detoxifier to help with the accumulation of toxins in the body.
Karite Butter Also known as Shea Butter.
Lavender A powerful antiseptic oil that calms refreshes and soothes.
Lemon A refreshing , cheerful oil which helps to dispels sluggishness.
Lemongrass A refreshing oil that helps combat mental fatigue. Also helps with muscle toning.
Mandarin Excellent for oily skin, fruity oil which is soothing and uplifting.
Marjoram An excellent sedative to clear the mind and aids a restful sleep, very comforting.
Marsh Mallow (Root) Excellent in creams and lotions to help protect the skin.
Moringa A Highly nutritious oil with excellent moisturising properties.
Myrrh A balsamic, smoky aroma. Particularly good for mature and chapped skin.
Neroli Excellent for mature skin. Good for wrinkles and scars also helps to tone the complexion.
Oats Excellent as an exfoliator for the skin.
Olive Oil Good for dry and brittle hair. Excellent for dehydrated and irritated skin.
Orange A refreshing oil that is uplifting and helps to combat stress and anxiety.
Peppermint Good for stomach upsets, eases congestive headaches and soothes aches and pains.
Pine A nourishing oil with a sweet aromatic scent, widely used in bath oils.
Rice Bran Oil A versatile oil high in Omega 6, extremely good for dry sensitive skin.
Rose Luxurious oil with a sweet sensuous aroma. Rejuvenating and very effective in skincare.
Rosehip seed oil An excellent hydrator with excellent regenerating properties.
Rosemary An excellent oil with a strong aroma, widely used in hair products such as conditioners.
Rosewater A floral water which is nourishing and hydrating to the skin.
Sea salt (Dead) A high quality natural salt which helps many skin conditions.
Seaweed A natural pick me up high in minerals.
Shea Butter An excellent moisturiser for the perfect complexion. (See benefits of Shea Butter)
Spearmint A sweet characteristic scent more subtle than peppermint.
Tea Tree A natural oil with antibiotic and antiseptic properties also helps with many skin problems.
Thyme An excellent oil which helps to soothe the skin, packed with anti stress properties.
Vegetable glycerine An excellent moisturisers to prevent the skin/hair from drying out.
Vitamin E A highly nutritious oil extremely protective and hydrating to the skin.
Wheatgerm A nutritious oil high in vitamin E, protein and vitamins.
Witch Hazel A strong anti-oxidant and astringent especially good for toning the skin.
Ylang Ylang An exotic oil which helps to balance sebum. Excellent for treating the hair.

If you have any medical condition, allergies or any health concerns that might impact the safe use of our natural ingredients, please consult your physician before purchasing any of our products.