Spring has sprung – Get on your feet.

What a glorious day it is today, the sun is shining and the sky is blue. I am outside in my garden and have just prepared a lovely mint and cucumber drink. I have decided to pamper my feet today and to prepare it for the sunny days ahead.
Foot care – How to achieve fabulous feet for summer.
1. If you have a foot spa, now is the time to use it to revitalise tired, neglected feet. Soaking your feet after a long day at work can ease aches and pains. Try Amizé Peppermint and Tea Tree Foot Scrub to help soften and to exfoliate dead skin, leaving your feet refreshed and revitalised.
2. Followed by our PEPPERMINT FOOT CREAM which is a shea butter base to keep the feet moisturised. For those who prefer oil, try our PEPPERMINT FOOT RUB with TEA TREE OIL.


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