Natural Loofah and Face Cleansing Disc


Pamper your body by applying a skin brushing routine.

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Brush your body all over to remove dead skin cells to reveal your natural glow.

Skin Brushing Technique: Skin brushing is carried out on dry skin.

1. Find a comfortable seat with sufficient space around you.
2. Hold Loofah firmly and gently brush the skin working towards the heart.
3. Always start at your feet working up the body.
4 .Brush the left side and then repeat the process on your right side

Brushing your face: Use the loofah face cleansing disc as this is where the skin is thinnest.


• Exfoliate the skin and improve circulation
• Help to eliminate toxins from the body
• Encourage cell regeneration
• Leaves skin glowing

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Dimensions 15 × 7 × 2 cm